Limewash vs. Acrylic & Late: the Canvas of Distinction

At Refined Home Finishes, we’re not just painting; we’re crafting a narrative of color with the extraordinary Romabio Limewash. Let’s explore how this masterpiece differs from the conventional tale spun by acrylic and latex paints, creating not just walls but stories.

Sourced from Earth, Crafted with Precision: Limewash from Romabio is a masterpiece derived from minerals and eco-sustainable resources, a stark departure from the petroleum origins of acrylic and latex paints. This distinction is etched into its very essence – in its molecular structure, resin type, and ingredients.

Breathing Life into Walls: Limewash, with its micro-crystalline structure, bestows a living quality upon your walls. It lets air and moisture vapor gracefully dance through, offering a canvas where your walls can ‘breathe.’ Achieving up to 95% permeability, it’s a brushstroke towards a healthier living space.

Enduring Beauty, Minimal Intervention: The micro-crystalline bond forged by Limewash isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a testament to durability. This endurance translates to less frequent applications, saving on material and labor costs, while leaving a lighter carbon footprint compared to the more demanding acrylic and latex counterparts.

Vivid Hues, Timeless Appeal:
Dynamic color refraction, courtesy of high mineral content, lends Romabio’s Limewash an unparalleled vibrancy. Natural earth oxide tints ensure UV stability, preserving the vibrancy for decades, a feat that acrylic and latex struggle to replicate.

Nature’s Barrier Against Mold:
Limewash, with its high mineral content and natural alkalinity, stands resilient against mold and fungal growth. Acrylic and latex paints, with their molecular structure and lower pH, offer a more hospitable environment for mold.

Odorless, Toxin-Free Haven: Breathe easy with Limewash. Solvent-free, virtually odorless, and devoid of toxic emissions, it’s a conscious choice for a healthier living environment. The acrylic and latex paints, often laden with solvents, petrochemicals, and VOCs, pale in comparison.

Fire-Resistance for Peace of Mind: Limewash embodies safety with inherent non-combustibility and robust resistance to fire. In contrast, acrylic and latex paints, infused with petrochemicals and acrylic, face a higher likelihood of combustion.

Sustainability Rooted in Nature: Potassium silicate, a natural, raw material, takes center stage as the primary binder in Limewash. Acrylic and latex paints, on the other hand, trace their origin to a chemical process rooted in petrol refinement.

Ancient Wisdom, Contemporary Brilliance: Limewash draws on the rich legacy of mineral-based paints, an age-old tradition in Europe and Asia. Romabio brings this ancient wisdom into the modern realm, courtesy of our Italian paint formulator with over 40 years of expertise.

In a world dominated by acrylic and latex narratives, Limewash stands tall as a testament to health-conscious, clean, and high-performing artistry. Join us in embracing a painting experience that transcends convention – it’s not just about the walls; it’s about the stories they tell.