Specialty Finishes

Want a unique finish that sets your home apart?

Specialty Painting Services to Suit Your Style.

Turn your home into the most beautiful house on the block with a specialty finish. The team at Refined Home Finishes can transform the look of your home’s exterior with our Limewash or Flat Finish services to achieve the look you dream of. Whether you like a more timeless, European style or an ultra-modern look, our skilled team can create a beautiful specialty finish on your home’s exterior that will make the neighborhood stop and stare.

Limewash Painting Services

Transform your home into a European-inspired respite with our Limewash Painting Services. Using ROMABIO™ BioCalce© Classico, a limewash paint sourced from the Dolomites in Northern Italy, we create a timeless, distressed finish for both interior and exterior surfaces. Unlike acrylic or petroleum-based paints, BioCalce Classico is environmentally friendly and mold-resistant, ensuring a lasting aesthetic that ages gracefully over time. This unique limewash doesn’t seal the brick or stone; instead, it calcifies, preventing issues like peeling or flaking.

Flat Finish Mineral Painting Services

Give your home an ultra-modern look with our Flat Finish Mineral Painting Services. Our use of ROMABIO™ BioDomus© I, an interior and exterior mineral paint, ensures a sophisticated and polished aesthetic for your home’s exterior. The mineral paint creates a luminous, flat finish that not only exudes contemporary charm but also boasts superior durability compared to acrylic or petroleum-based alternatives. The breathability of BioDomus prevents mold growth by allowing moisture and air to traverse the dried surface. At the same time, its dynamic color refraction adds depth and vibrancy to your space, making it the ideal choice for achieving a refined and enduring finish.