Did you know limewash isn’t just paint? It’s a specialized process that needs a trained professional to create the desired look. Limewash, and more specifically, Romabio Classico Limewash, is the product we use to create a transformative experience for your home or business.
Here’s why it’s the ideal choice:

  • Durability That Lasts a Generation: Romabio Classico Limewash boasts a remarkable lifespan of 20 years, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.
  • Ideal for Absorbent Surfaces: Designed for unpainted, absorbent brick, stone, or masonry surfaces, making it the perfect choice for achieving that authentic, weathered look.
  • Environmentally Conscious and Toxin-Free: Embrace a green approach without compromising on quality. Classico Limewash is toxin-free and environmentally friendly, making it a responsible choice for your home or business.
  • Effortless Application with 1-Coat Magic: The easy-to-use, one-coat process simplifies the painting experience, eliminating the need for additional primers. Your limewashed finish will instantly mirror the timeless charm of historic Europe.
  • Crafted with Tradition and Technology: Handcrafted in Italy using Dolomite lime and a blend of 2,000-year-old techniques with modern technology, Classico Limewash ensures a unique and authentic finish that pays homage to its rich history.
  • Free Consultation for Tailored Excellence: We offer a free consultation, ensuring that your limewash journey is personalized and meets the unique needs of your space.

There’s no risk associated with testing this incredible product. It can easily be removed within five days after it is applied, and we can apply the product to a small wall area so you can see if you like the look and effect before you take the plunge. Curious to see if our limewash technique is right for your property? Call Local Lui today at (423) 438-1950 for your free consultation.