Flat Finish Mineral Painting Services

Flat Finish Paint Offers Ultra Modern Look

Interior and Exterior Finish for a Polished, Contemporary Feel

Refined Home Finishes uses ROMABIO™ BioDomus© I, an interior and exterior mineral paint that creates a luminous, flat finish. It is derived from sustainable materials which creates a natural, breathable paint that is more durable and long-lasting than acrylic or petroleum-based paints. Durable coatings mean less frequent applications, saving material and labor costs.

Made from natural ingredients, BioDomus allows moisture and air to move through the dried surface, reducing the buildup of stagnant moisture that contributes to mold growth. Acrylic coatings are not breathable in this way and trap moisture which leads to mold and bacterial growth. BioDomus also has a unique advantage because the permeability of water vapor is equivalent to that of the surface. This means water moisture contained in the parts of a structure or surface can diffuse outward without resistance, keeping walls dry and preventing structural damage.

BioDomus, although flat, has dynamic color refraction due to its mineral content. Color palettes are more vibrant and provide more depth and light, appearing more natural when painted on masonry surfaces than acrylic paints. Color possibilities are unlimited as we can match other color palettes or choose from the ROMABIO color deck.